Genevieve Guenther


End Climate Silence

End Climate Silence is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping the news media cover the climate crisis with the accuracy and urgency it deserves. Its work is motivated by the understanding that climate breakdown poses a grave threat to the living world and we must transform our energy, production, and consumption systems as quickly as possible in order to preserve a planet that supports human life. Given these facts, the news media has a professional responsibility to end its climate silence and actually cover how climate breakdown is influencing extreme weather—and how it intersects with developments in energy, politics, business and finance, immigration, real estate, travel, health, food, sports, and the arts. Climate breakdown has begun, and not to mention it in stories about its causes and effects is a form of climate denial.

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Ads Not Fit To Print Campaign

The New York Times devotes an entire section to climate reporting, often featuring stories about the accelerating dangers of global heating on its own front page. Yet it also uses the power of its news brand to create and publish advertisements promoting the companies causing dangerous global heating in the first place. Most of these ads are forms of disinformation called “greenwashing” and as such are exhibits in consumer-protection cases against the oil and gas companies brought by cities and states across the country, as well as in the House Oversight Committee investigation into fossil-fuel disinformation. The paper of record should not be writing propaganda for the companies causing the climate crisis and fighting the passage of climate policy! Sign the Petition to tell The New York Times to stop writing and running the reprehensible fossil-fuel #AdsNotFit2Print.